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Stephens Lab

Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology

Oklahoma State University

Our research uses macroecological and phylogenetic approaches to address questions that lie at the interface of ecology and evolutionary biology.  Our primary focus is on large-scale infectious disease dynamics and patterns of biodiversity.  The tools we use are large datasets, machine learning, and other computational methods.


Sundaram, M., A Filion, BE Akaribo, and PR Stephens. 2023. Footprint of war: integrating armed conflicts in disease ecology. Trends in  Parasitology 39(4), link

Stephens, P. R., N. Gottdenker, A. Schatz, J. P. Schmidt, J. Drake. 2021. Characteristics of the 100 largest modern zoonotic disease outbreaks. Philosophical Transactions B 376: 20200535. link

Stephens, P. R., S. Huang, and M. Farrell (editors). 2021. Infectious disease macroecology: parasite diversity and dynamics across the globe. Philosophical Transactions B 376, issue 1837 (Theme Issue). link

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